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If you have been diagnosed with a digestive disorder, this package is designed to help educate you to deal with the many and various symptoms that can occur with digestive disorders. This package is a university-level, four session course designed to educate you about the functions and operations of the gastrointestinal tract. It covers normal functions and how and why normal functions go awry. Each class targets a different aspect of gastrointestinal health and provides multiple avenues of recommendations for remedying each condition using both traditional and non-traditional approaches. The class meets a minimum of four times for 1.5 to 2 hours. Recruit your friends to register for the class and we can experience the synergy of group dynamics with up to eight participants. If you are a health professional, we can apply for up to eight hours of continuing education credits in addition to helping you vastly improve how you experience gastrointestinal functions. One follow-up is included after completing the four educational sessions. Contact me at 817.879.4980 or to set up an appointment or if you are not in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area, contact me and we can set up an internet-based conference call.

Digestive / Gastrointestinal Disorders Educational Package

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