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PLANT-BASED Menu Consulting Services

 " regularly of the most healthful food which will make the best quality of blood..." E G White


  • Evaluate current offerings

  • Add vegetarian "friendly" options from current menu 

  • Plant-based, vegetarian, vegan and raw food menu modifications

  • Plant-based and vegetarian menu enhancements

  • Menu expansion

  • Nutrition analysis

  • Add health claims and / or statements to your menus

  • Chef training / education

  • Staff in-service

  • Press release packages

  • Photographs

Add nutrient dense, healthy, tasteful, beautiful and sustainable recipes and non-alcoholic beverages to your menus. 

Goals of Our Services
  • Make your restaurant / business successful

  • Create a positive and upbeat vibe

  • Promote your restaurant / business as cutting edge

  • Promote the health and well-being of your patrons

  • Expand your patron base to include “new” demographics

  • Enhance the creative experience of those preparing food

  • Realize the potential profits associated with offering plant-based selections

  • Re-brand your business 

Our Clients
  • Restaurants - corporate and owners

  • Juice bars

  • Executive dining

  • Educational institutions

  • Physician offices

  • Special events

  • Yacht catering - captain of the "head"

  • Private individuals

  • Hospitals

  • Others



Dr. Whitten brings many years of experience into the kitchen. She spent three years as the program director for the only academic-based vegetarian culinary arts program in the USA and has 20 years experience as a university professor. She is also a raw food chef and chef educator and ServSafe certified.

"Let food be thy medicine..." Hippocrates

Basic Consultation Package, (Call for a quote, price may vary)

  • One initial, ongoing and a final consultation

  • Make your menu(s) plant-based, vegetarian, vegan and/or raw friendly 

  • We use your current recipes and menu offerings to make vegetarian friendly menu offerings

  • Provide standardized recipe(s) including prep production sheets 

  • Flavor balancing based on current suppliers

  • One half-day of hands-on training with chefs 

Intermediate Consultation Package, (Call for a quote, price may vary)

  • Initial, ongoing and final consultations

  • Unlimited telephone consults

  • Add up to 5 new menu offerings (including beverages)

  • Consultations for up to one year

  • Expansion of current menu(s) to Include plant-based and vegetarian options

  • Evaluate menu(s), kitchen layout, budget, labor / food costs, location, local demographics, suppliers, hygiene, cultural, employee turnover and job satisfaction, clientele evaluations (as seen on Yelp, etc). 

  • Two half-days of hands-on chef training

Full Service Consultation, (Call for a quote, price may vary)

  • Initial, ongoing and final consultations

  • Unlimited telephone consults

  • Add up to 10 new menu offerings (including non-alcoholic beverages)​

  • Consultations for up to one year

  • Expand the menu(s) and provide expert nutritional & related health claim information

  • Includes up to five half-days of hands-on chef training 

  • Description of nutrition and health claims for each recipe

  • Nutrition analysis of each new recipe

  • Press release package

Other Services, call  for a quote

  • Raw food preparation equipment, techniques and planning

  • Add a juice bar

  • Seasonal and signature plant-based recipes

    • Spring, summer, fall, winter

    • Valentines, Presidents day, Memorial day, Independence day, Labor day, Veterans day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve

    • Themed recipes: picnics, game day, road trip

    • Wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday

  • Non-alcoholic beverage design: juices, smoothies, mocktails, therapeutic

  • Breakfast and brunch 

  • Best practices for using a dehydrator in your restaurant

  • Options for children

  • Farm-to-table, sustainable, seasonal options

  • Medical: detoxification, "light," heart friendly, immune boosting, anti-inflammation, blood pressure, 

  • Recipe make-overs

    • Serves 10

    • Serves 50

  • Plant-based chef inservice trainings

  • Half-day hands-on training sessions

  • Nutrition analysis

  • Recipe descriptives

  • Press release packages

  • Others

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