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Learn about various super foods and the conditions they treat.

What Nutrition Experts Wish You Knew About Dieting

Don’t fall into the trap of dieting — even when it is masqueraded as “healthy lifestyle change!" If anyone is telling you exactly what to do with your eating, leaving no wiggle room for taste, enjoyment, cultural values, celebrations etc., chances are good it’s a diet and you should run the other way!

10 Reasons Diets Do Not Work

Most people who start a diet end up failing. The goal of dieting is to lose weight and most of the time some degree of weight loss is achieved. The problems occur when one goes off their diet. Most people end up gaining back the weight they lost...

See Why Plant-Powered Health Care Is Going Mainstream

“If I’m trying to teach my patients how to eat, I need to be doing the same thing,” registered nurse Tammy Bargain told ABC30. By following a plant-based diet, she lost 14 pounds. And now, she helps staff and patients make the switch.

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