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This service targets individuals with a history of exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, heavy use of pharmaceuticals and radiation. This includes mercury fillings (the fillings must be removed and replaced before detox can begin), occupational exposures, medical, etc. The detox process is different for everyone. I individualize each detox regimen based on our first meeting. At the second meeting, I will give you your individualized program. The second meeting could be within the next day or two of the first meeting. Each individual will experience a different range of symptoms as the detox progresses. The first two weeks are usually the most intense. It is a good idea to meet at least once per week during the initial stages of detoxing. Our first session lasts about two hours. This is necessary to cover a lot of detailed material and explain the process. It will require the additional purchase of detox supplements and compounds, the use of a pool and sauna, and the ability to exercise and work up a sweat. You will have ready access to me during the first two weeks via telephone and email. I prefer you to start your detox on either a Sunday or Monday morning. This package includes the initial two hour meeting and three other follow-up meetings. The second meeting we will go over the detox regimen and make a detailed plan for every day of the initial two-week protocol. We will schedule two more meetings, usually meeting toward the end of the first week and a meeting at the end of the second week. This process is not easy and requires significant commitment to follow through. Sometimes while going through the detox, a client will have a Herxheimer reaction. This is completely normal and expected. It can vary in intensity, but it is part of the process of detoxing. As you go through this process you will learn about how to minimize future exposure to toxins and how to improve your long-term health outlook. Contact me at 817.879.4980 or to set up an appointment.

Detox for Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Radiation Educational Pkg

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