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Check out this devotional book! Praise, Claim God's Promises and Pray Your Way to Victory!

Praise and claiming God's promises combined with prayer is a powerful combination for building faith. Daily prayer connects us to Heaven in a way that energizes our spiritual life and sharpens our spiritual discernment. Prayer is a respite in an uncertain times, able to calm our nerves and give us hope.

Most of us pray every day for our family and loved ones but we rarely pray for strangers. This type of prayer can be a fruitful ministry. Every prayer offered up to the Lord is actionable. It is a powerful tool for winning souls to Christ whether you are a grandma, middle school student, professor or a stock broker. We may never meet the objects of our prayers while here on earth, but we can anticipate a great reunion in Heaven with those for whom we prayed for while here on earth.

Chapters in this book cover Bible promises, praises for victory, prayer activities, where to pray, whom to pray for, when to pray, my blessings, how prayer connects strangers, answers to prayer build faith and we even examine well-known prayer formulas and encourage the reader to personalize their own formula. Twenty different types of prayers are described and illustrated along with Bible references. Another chapter briefly explores how frontal lobe functions are related to gratitude and spiritual insights. One of the first signs of frontal lobe dysfunction is giving up personal prayer time.

This book may be used to guide your daily, weekly or even monthly prayers. Almost 30 different Bible translations are used for the daily devotions. The months are dedicated to specific people and / or groups. In January, we pray for those who have made our lives or the lives of our loved ones more difficult. February, we pray for family and loved ones. Prayers in March focus on the poor, oppressed and downtrodden. In April, we pray for friends and loved ones with financial issues. May is the month we pray for non-politician public figures. In June, we pray for our prayer partners and spiritual leaders. July focuses our prayers on couples and families in distress. In August, we pray for world leaders. In September, we pray for missionaries. October is devoted to praying for the sick and for those who need healing. In November, we pray for elected political leaders. We finish up the year in December by praying for orphans, prisoners, singles, widows, and widowers.

This book can be used over many years. Names and situations are written in for each day of prayer (suggest using a pencil). The reader is encouraged to keep this person in their thoughts and prayers throughout the designated day. Sometimes it seems as if God does not hear our prayers, but when we look back over the years, we realize God took a stressful situation and either minimized its importance to us or He answered it in the most magnificent and incredible way possible. Only the passage of time reveals God's methods of working in our lives. This book gives us the opportunity to pray for others and document the answers to our prayers over long periods of time. Use this book and see your faith grow and mature!


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