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We will monitor your child's growth every two months (or more frequently if needed). This requires an initial consult with the parents and child. After the initial consult, we set up a schedule that requires the parents to either obtain the child's length / height, weight and head circumference (for infants up to age one and children up to age two). We calculate growth trends and identify potential concerns before they become serious. This service is useful for those wanting to ensure a healthy progressive weight gain, document growth for legal / medical reasons, and to provide peace of mind for parents of children with medical or other complications. This service does NOT take the place of regular appointments with your child's pediatrician, but it does provide peace of mind, especially for children with medical concerns. It can also provide assurance for parents that the child's nutrition program is adequate. Contact me at 817.879.4980 or to set up an appointment.

Growth Monitoring (Infants through Teenagers) for a Year

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