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Bare Bones Biometrics. Our bare bones corporate wellness program, consists of basic biometrics done on a bi-annual basis (2 / year). This includes completing a computer-based lifestyle questionnaire and about 10-minutes of employee contact time. Some information is obtained in advance of the biometrics. This information consists of risk factor assessment and body measurements (to estimate percent body fat). 


The following is obtained from each employee by a registered nurse, a licensed venipuncturist or other qualified healthcare professional: contact and identifying information, a photograph, height, weight, blood pressure, frame size, blood work. Blood work includes a lipid profile, electrolytes, iron, blood glucose, hemoglobin A1C, TSH, free thyroid (T4), vitamin B12, folate, vitamin D, mercury, C-reactive protein, and testosterone (for men only). Each employee is advised to avoid all food and beverages (except water) after 6 pm on the day before the blood draw. 


Biometrics are scheduled first thing in the morning to accommodate fasting employees. Employees will be offered a piece of fruit and a granola bar after completing the blood draw. Company executives may wish to include employee spouses in this program to further improve long-term health outcomes. Company executives may also choose to change the frequency and / or the components of the Bare Bones Biometrics program. 

Bare Bones Biometrics are used to identify present and future risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, dehydration, presence of toxins in the blood, metabolic profiling, and screening for the presence of inflammation and thyroid abnormalities. Men may also opt for testosterone and PSA tests. This is a premier screening program designed to provide each employee with excellent information to make better informed health decisions. It is a wonderful service to provide for company employees. For the younger employees, it may serve as their baseline health data. For older employees, it may serve to motivate them to make changes. Employees participating in wellness programs may also receive a discount on their health insurance plan. 


No later than three weeks after collection of biometric  and other data, professionals at Build A Better You LLC prepare a report for each employee based on the content of their lifestyle questionnaire and biometric data. A confidential letter is mailed to each employee / participant and a full report and powerpoint presentation is prepared and provided for the employer. This report provides a descriptive as well as statistical report of overall employee health. The employee report oftentimes identifies unknown health issues such as the presence of diabetes, heart disease, etc. This allows the employee to gain the upper hand in managing their condition before serious symptoms surface. The employer report identifies areas where additional employee education may be indicated. It allows the employer to pinpoint and address potential areas of concern. It also helps employers choose health coverage plans that will best meet their employee's needs. 

Work U(niversity) Classes. At Build a Better You LLC we offer the following services, tailored to make you look like an A+ boss. Let's say you have 100 employees, 97 of which are relatively healthy and three of which have major health issues. You may choose to contract our Bare Bones Biometrics program and supplement with our monthly Work U classes for all of your employees and for the three individuals with morbid conditions, you may want to contract with our Guided Change Counseling services for more in depth interventions without having to subject the remaining 97 employees to irrelevant information. 

Our Work U programs include informational programs, mini-courses and competitions. 

  • Choose from 50+ fun and educational lectures. Some examples include: 

    • ​Drop 5 (lose five pounds)​​

    • Sweet Truth

    • Don't Have a Cow (vegetarian) or Don't Be a Chicken (vegetarian)

    • No More Constipation, Ever

    • Two Exercises to Jump Start Weight Loss

    • Brain Drain

    • Frontal Lobes

    • Get A Life

    • Full Disclosure & Food Labels

    • Slow / Reverse Aging

    • Juice-it Up, Juice-it Down

    • Urban farming

    • Many others

  • Mini-courses are designed to go for two to eight sessions. Some examples include:

    • Nourish the Brain

    • Nutri-genomics

    • Reverse Heart Disease

    • Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

    • Planning for Pregnancy

    • Why Be A Vegetarian

    • Raw Food Preparation

    • Others

  • Work-site competitions

    • Weight loss​

    • Daily steps

    • Garden produce

    • Others

If we don't offer exactly what you want, we will design a program specifically for your workforce. For some of our services, we contract with experts across a wide range of disciplines to offer you the most current and up-to-date educational programs

Guided Change Counseling Services. We offer individual and / or small group sessions for those needing more intensive interventions.​ 

Fun Stuff. We balance our approaches to health and wellness by promoting fun activities with a wellness component. For example, studies have shown the presence of domestic animals in the workplace reduces anxiety and improves mood. Implementing a "Bring Your Dog to the Office Day" may work in several ways to boost health parameters and make you a "rock star" boss. 

Some of our Fun Stuff activities include the following: 

  • Involving employees in the education process - identify employees with legitimate skills and use them!

  • Make the workplace more interesting

  • Incentivize making changes by awarding raffles, prizes, free lunch, etc.

  • "Intermittent, spontaneous favors" 

  • Employee of the week or month 

  • Have a juicing party instead of a meeting

  • Plan a 5 K / 10 K company run

  • Bring your dog to work, bring your cat to work, bring your kid to work 

  • Spa day 

  • Foot health day 

  • Eye health day

  • Heart health day 

  • Golf day once per year 

  • New chair once per month for highest productivity (reduce back problems, chronic pain, etc.)

  • Many more examples

We have found regular biometrics combined with a wide range of health education classes and programs, and when necessary, individual counseling, are essential to successful corporate wellness programs. In addition, evolving improvements to the work place integrated with "fun" activities improves employee's perception of management and their work environment. 

Health literacy is one key to successful corporate wellness and prevention programs.

"Health literacy is an individual's ability to understand and act on health information."

"Employees with LOW have an average annual healthcare cost of $13,000 compared to only $3,000 for those with HIGH literacy levels."

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