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Welcome to Build A Better You!


It is a pleasure to meet you. We are professors, health educators, physicians, clinicians, nurses, neuroscientists, naturopaths, inventors, writers and chefs. Our passion is to understand the human body and how to keep it healthy and strong, and when necessary, restore it to health.


We all want to look and feel good. When we make positive lifestyle changes we can expect to change the nature of our genes and begin to achieve desired levels of health and wellness.

We suggest making BIG changes so you can see the benefits almost right away. Whether you take the 10-day detox challenge or you need individualized education, guided change, and comprehensive support, we are here to help you achieve your goals. 

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."


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Recipes & Tips 


I am an almost lifelong vegetarian. While most of our clients consume animal products, we primarily post vegetarian, vegan and raw plant-based recipes here. We think you will love the international flair, crisp textures, and perfectly flavor-balanced recipes. 

Nutrition & Lifestyle Education,
Guided Change &
Comprehensive Support 
Corporate Wellness & Prevention Programs                          Plant-based Restaurant Consultant
Public Speaker, Retreats
Individual Counseling
Concierge Services

At Build A Better You, LLC and Detox Cafe & Spa, LLC we love to talk about health and wellness. We believe our bodies are designed to be healthy. We study health and wellness so we can educate and guide our clients as they set goals and take steps to achieve health and wellness. It is our passion to help you restore your health, reduce your dependence on pharmaceuticals, save money, rid your body of dangerous toxins and assist in your journey to a fabulous and wonderful you!

We realize this may be a tall order for some. Whether you need a few minor adjustments or you would benefit from more intensive support measures, we would love to be part of your journey.


We believe in educated SELFcare strategies. We do this by teaching strategies for better living, effective ways to incorporate nutrient-rich ingredients into everyday menus, and by helping our clients choose and incorporate fun and positive lifestyle changes. We also teach methods for using natural approaches, when possible, to medical symptoms and conditions before resorting to harsh, lifelong pharmaceuticals. Some may need minor interventions while others will require more radical and sustained support measures. Don't worry about giving up the things you love, let us help you re-align your priorities so you, your family, your employees, and / or your customers can have a great life. 

We have a three tiered support system plus a concierge service clients can tap into. Each tier is designed to provide clients with the highest level of expertise. Whether you are an individual or the CEO of a corporation, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. 

  • Expert Education Targeting Improved Health Literacy, Wellness and Prevention (including biometrics) 

  • Guided Change

  • Comprehensive Support 

EXPERT EDUCATION. The first tier of support we provide to clients is expert education. An educated consumer consistently makes better choices.  An educated consumer also saves a significant amount of money on health expenditures. Education is one of the first keys to achieving a high degree of wellness. Our educational experiences include corporate-based programs, individual, couples and group sessions (watching, listening and interacting), hands-on experiences and activities (kinesthetic), field trips (cultural), raw food and juicing parties (eating, tasting and general fun), workshops (lots of fun and group synergy), and many others. We believe enthusiasm plays an important role in achieving success and we hope our enthusiasm for health and wellness is contagious. 

GUIDED CHANGE. The second tier or layer of support we provide for our clients is guided change. For those with chronic conditions or for those desiring regular contact, we design a program to help you achieve your long-term goals. At this level, our clients have started the education process and are gaining greater independence in self-directed learning, but from time to time, feel it is important to connect and ensure their progress is on track. This type of guided change is directional and motivational as well as educational and experiential. This level of support comes in the form of mentoring, health and lifestyle coaching, individualized therapies, in-depth assessments including our money-saving supplement assessment, growth monitoring for infants, children and teens, and many more services. At this tier each client will experience many ongoing, positive changes. This is an exciting process, one we hope to share with you. 

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT. The third tier or layer we provide for our clients is comprehensive support. This tier includes a range of services. At all levels, we support and provide communication with your medical provider(s) when indicated and / or requested. Some of our comprehensive support services include regular supervision of modified fasting for weight loss, pre-surgical nutritional guidance for outcome optimization, ketogenic diets for refractory seizures, manipulation of amino acids for Parkinson's disease, reversal of several types of dementia, orthomolecular interventions, detoxification regimens, nutritional aspects of healing, and many other conditions. At this level we work in tandem with your medical provider in monitoring your progress. 

CONCIERGE SERVICES. The highest level of care we provide for our clients is a concierge service. This service involves a monthly contract and is tailored to each clients requests. It involves regular in-home services such as a pantry make-over, personalized menus, nutrition and lifestyle-related family support services, comprehensive assessment of all aspects of nutrition and lifestyle and personalized food preparation instruction. 


Email or call us to discuss the best approach for you, your family or your company.  We are happy to discuss your goals and match you to a program that best fits your needs and budget.

Thanks! Message sent.

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